Stop in and say hello! We welcome all our old and new customers!

Since 1998, Mosher’s Seafood has been delivering the highest quality seafood and meats to folks from all over New England. Since then, Mosher’s has expanded. Now offering the same quality products, as well as the new fried seafood take out stand. There’s a reason people come from miles around to purchase from us. Stop by and see for yourself!

We are located on Route 2 coming into Farmington and on a direct route to The Rangeley Area and the Sugarloaf Region.

We have a wide selection Live or Cooked Lobsters, Clams, Shrimp, Oysters, Scallops, Haddock. We specialize in custom cut meats. Please browse through our Meat & Seafood Inventory.

We recently added on and now have a take out window for your convenience.

When you stop in, you will find that we not only have Live Lobsters, but we custom cut our beef the way you want it to suite your needs. If you like Maine Lobsters cooked to order, you can pick out your own Lobsters and we will cook them for you and you can enjoy them in our own picnic area. If you prefer, we will make you a Lobster Roll you will never forget! If someone in your party prefers, we make a large assortment of sandwiches to satisfy everyone. You can also get homemade potato or macaroni salads and our own Cole Slaw any day of the week! Try our Baked Beans and get a slice of cheese from our large cheese wheel.

In the summer months you get your pick of our farm grown potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers. While in season, we carry corn on the cob and pumpkins.

Should you live out of state or locally, we will ship you a Live Maine Lobster for you or your special guest. You can also mix and match your order and some of our custom cut meat.

Some advice on lobster

Here are a few basic tips for choosing the best quality live lobster:

Color – Quality live lobsters are most commonly greenish brown/black, but can also be blue, yellow, red or very rarely white. Color does not affect flavor or texture.

Activity – Live lobsters should be active with their claws held up (not hanging limply) and with their tails curled under them.

Appearance – Black marks or holes in the shell are the result of wear and tear, or indicate an older lobster has not recently shed its shell. They are not harmful in any way.

Hard or New? – Choose hard or new shell lobster, depending on your preference:

Hard shells are fuller, but require utensils to gain access to the meat. New shell lobsters have recently molted (shed their old shell) and are growing into their new shells. A lobster will increase in size by about 20% with each molt.

This used half round lobster trap is the real old style and was used back 50 years ago. The trap was made by steaming the oak and bending it to form. This trap usually measures 36″ length, 25″ wide, 17″ high. This type of lobster trap is becoming very scarce in the industry.

Our prices are subject to change without notice.

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